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What do consumers consider when buying a bread box?

Category : Industry NewsDate:2021-08-15

Bread boxes have become highly sought products, and consumers are considering several factors while choosing bread.

Size- Bread boxes vary in measurements and size from company to company. The metal bread box measures 14.5 inches long x 9 inches deep x 9 inches high, meaning this bread box can store four loaves of bread, yet it takes less space within the counter. We customize the bread box sizes depending on the customers’ needs and preferences. Some prefer the wall-mountable bread box due to the lack of kitchen counter space. Whatever the client's preferred size and design, we can customize the bread box to suit market needs.

Lid design- The lid designs include hinged, flip-down, roll-top, magnetic, top lids, front, and the cutting board lid. The lid can affect how easily the bread is accessed and the space on the kitchen counter. We design the bread box lids depending on the market trends and the client’s preference, thus giving the customer something catchy and trendy. Ventilation- A perfect bread box ought to have air vents; otherwise, the moisture will build up inside the box, causing faster mold growth on the bread and rust on the metal box. Our bread boxes allow for regulated airflow that ensures the bread in the box is fresh and germs-free.

Style and design- Bread boxes are not portable, which means that they will form part of your kitchen décor. We design bread boxes depending on the customer's requirement offering the color, logos, and shape as demanded by the customer. That way, the client has the power to choose how the bread box will look like in the kitchen.